Service and Repair

Our workshop is very busy and normally booking is a week or two in advance and even longer in July and August.

Tune 45min £ 35   basic "tuning" gears, fitting brake blocks or pads, adjusting brakes.
Basic Service 1-1½ hr £ 50   as above plus changing cables, replacing worn or damaged parts.
Standard Service up to 2hr £ 60   as above plus servicing either hubs, headset or bottom bracket
Advanced Service up to 3hr £ 75   full strip, clean and rebuild changing parts as necessary
Advanced Service Full Suspension 3-5hr £ 90   full strip, clean and rebuild changing parts as necessary, includes storage of bike when suspension serviced
Custom Build 1 Day £ 125   full custom bike build includes discussions over part compatibility


Prices above are for labour only, all above service & repairs are exclusive of parts.